What is SkillsLearn?

SkillsLearn is a training website for programming and web development.

You can learn programming language skills by watching our courses and build a career as a programmer.

All the courses has made with special care with right amount of theory and right amount of practice to make sure you learn the skills in easy and enjoyable way.

Course topics are structured with defined outcome with examples, exercises, assignments and quiz.

Are the Courses Free?

All the Courses are Free for First 7 days as a trail for you to get familiar with the courses and structure.

Once the trail period of 7 days finish then you can pay $9.99 USD of subscription fee to enjoy all the courses for entire month.

Once you subscribe then you get access new courses that are added to the library as well.

What are Beta Courses?

Courses that are not yet completed but the course content are updated on weekly basis.

You can access Beta Courses for Free till it is completed and converted to paid courses.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! Please contact us with questions prior to purchase, as online classes are non-refundable for that month only.

You can choose to cancel the subscription anytime without any objections.

However, You can also enjoy 7 Days of Free access to the library and choose to extend the subscription.