Learn JSON

  • Understand JSON Structure in details and rules of JSON Format.
  • What is the advantage of API over the Webservice.
  • Design Guidelines of REST.
  • What is API, REST API and REST JSON API.


  • Windows machine with Notepad software installed.


What you will learn in this Course?

If you are trying to learn JSON, REST and API which can help you to develop interface using the REST adapter in AEX then this course is right for you.

This course will teach you the basics of JSON Notation, Definition of REST and API with hands-on session.

Course Content:

  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON):
  • Why JSON is called as Java Script Object Notation?
  • What is the relation of JSON with Java Script?
  • Learn how to write your own JSON structure.
  • Compare XML vs JSON and understand why JSON is so famous compared to XML
  • Understand JSON Syntax, Data Types, Arrays and Objects
  • You will learn lots of practical session to define you own JSON structures.
  • Learn about the JSON online tools.
  • REST & API
  • Understand what is Service, Webservice, Interface and API.
  • What is the advantage of API over the Webservice.
  • Compare Webservice vs API
  • Real time REST API example and how to read the documentation.
  • Parts of the REST API.
  • Design Guidelines of REST.
  • Understand what is API Management tools in the market?

Who this course is for:

  • Learn basics like JSON, REST & API.
  • Understand the design guideline for JSON.
  • Know how API is different from Webservice.